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Image Analysis System for Remote Sensing WinASEAN

The Image Analysis System for Remote Sensing WinASEAN (Windows based Advanced System for Environmental data Analysis with  remote sensing data) is developed by Dr. Nguyen Dinh Duong, ImaSOFT Lab., Department of Environmental Information Study and Analysis (EISA), Institute of Geography, Vietnam since 1992. The system is being used for training, education and practical use. The WinASEAN 3.0 has been awarded Silver Prize at the 18th Congress of the ISPRS held in Vienna, Australia. The CASRT 1.0 (Computer Assisted Remote Sensing Training), which has been developed based on WinASEAN 5.0 in integration with books Remote Sensing Note and GIS Work books, has been given Silver Prize in the CATCON organized by the ISPRS Commission VI in Tokyo, June 29, 2006.                      

WinASEAN is being used for remote sensing education and training in universities in Vietnamand abroad. Main features of WinASEAN 5.0: can be read here

The WinASEAN is released in two packages: Educational and Professional.

The Professional package can be used for both training and practical use. Works that have been conducted by using WinASEAN: can be read here

Price of WinASEAN 5.0 Pro is marginal. Click here to get more information and to order WinASEAN Pro: duong.nd@hn.vnn.vn

The Educational package has limitation in processing of large size image. Only image with line and pixel number less than 2000 can be processed by the Educational package. Click here to download CARST 1.0 Edu: download