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SE Asia EDUCATIONAL PROMOTION 2008 February 2008 to December 2008

The objective is to create a sustainable long term Education pricing model to regain education market share which has been aggressively taken by competitors and combat the growing problem of pirated software in smaller markets including Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. This can be achieved by providing competitively priced permanent licenses.

When purchasing softwares for educational purpose, you will get 75% discount. Naturally only legitimate Educational Facilities can benefit from this offer and the licenses must be used only for teaching.


Bullet Points

  • One box of installation media will be shipped and licensing will be limited to one system ID.
  • Hardware keys if required will have to be purchase separately and not part of this offer.
  • To reduce the technical support burden, the distributor will, as usual be front line support and we recommend that each site only have 1 contact person as with HEAK (Edu Program).
  • The customer will be shipped the current version of the software, at the time of purchase.
  • If they choose to continue the program in the following year, the fee is 25% of the purchase price and will entitle them to an upgrade if and when it is available.
  • Any add on Modules can be purchased at the standard education discount rates.

This promotion will be effective immediately and we plan on running it from 1st February 2008 to 31st December 2008with the option to continue or modify it as necessary.

Please contact GeoInfo Co., Ltd for more detail information.