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Digital airphoto technology with many preponderant advantages

The seminar of Digital airphoto technology in terrain survey held on 05 Nov 2007 by Rollei Metric GmbH Company, Germany, GeoInfo Co.,Ltd and Department of Environmental Information Study and Analysis – Institute. The seminar attracted attention of many offices such as Department of Mapping – Ministry of Defence, Survey and Aerial Mapping Corporation – Ministry of National Defence, Hatay Company of Geodesy and Mapping, University of Mining and Geology, etc of Geography

At the seminar, representative of Rollei Metric GmbH Company – Dr. Ing. Achim Hellmeier -presented the introduction of digital airphoto technology in terrain survey and showed RolleiMetric AIC digital airphoto camera with many preponderant advantages such as 16-39 Megapixel resolution, 4 second/1 photo saving time, FMS, GPS, IMU connection and Lidar system integration.


Application of Rollei Metric Digital airphoto technology in Vietnamwill obtain more benefit in terrain survey industry

To get more detail information of characteristics of RolleiMetric AIC digital camera, click here:

RolleiMetric Photogrammetric Systems