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GeoInfo became distributor of Leica in Vietnam

From 1 January 2008, GeoInfo has become distributor of Leica in Vietnam. GeoInfo’s products are hardware, software of geospatial imagery technology such as: photogrammetry, remote sensing, 3D Visualization, Data sharing, Enterprise Solutions, etc.



  • ERDAS IMAGINE – Remote Sensing
  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) – Photogrammetry
  • Leica Ortho Accelerator (LOA) – Photogrammetry
  • Leica Virtual Explorer (LVE) – 3D Visualization
  • ESRI ArcGIS Extensions
  • ERM Pro & Compressor – Remote Sensing
  • ERM Enterprise – Enterprise Solutions
  • ADE – Enterprise Solutions
  • Red Spider
  • TITAN – Data sharing
  • Image Manager – Enterprise Solutions

In there:

– ERDAS IMAGINE is a suite of software tools designed specifically to process geospatial imagery. It allows you to extract data from images like a seasoned professional, regardless of your experience or education. With its large and easy-to-use selection of image processing tools, ERDAS IMAGINE both simplifies and streamlines your workflow.  

– Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) is a collection of seamlessly integrated software tools providing accurate and production oriented photogrammetric tools for a broad range of geospatial imaging applications. The keys to LPS’s productivity enhancing performance are fast processing and a tight focus on workflow through the unique Workflow Toolbar. The toolbar guides you through projects from beginning to end, whether they are completed step-by-step or with LPS’s batch processing feature.

– Leica Ortho Accelerator (LOA) is an enterprise-enabled geospatial process management system with orthorectification and mosaicking capabilities. LOA takes maximum advantage of distributed and scheduled workflow processing provided by the command dispatch system in GeoCue. Dedicated workstations can be used for alternative processing tasks, while ortho jobs are dispatched to a series of computers or “nodes”, which will result in faster ortho production.

– Leica Virtual Explorer (LVE) gives users the ability to convert the earth into a clear and spatially accurate, unparalleled digital reality. Terabytes of spatial information are seamlessly merged into a highly informative digital earth and distributed to colleagues next door or thousands of users worldwide without preprocessing. Using a planetary viewing environment, users everywhere can independently explore and analyze 3D terrain with a broad array of GIS and analysis tools.

– ESRI ArcGIS Extensions: include: Feature Analyst, Lidar Analyst, Image Analysis, Stereo Analyst, Lakit 1st + addl seat, Labkit 25 Pack

ArcGIS extensions from Leica Geosystems are fully integrated with ESRI’s ArcGIS to offer an all-in-one geographic imaging solution, including:

  • Image Analysis™ for ArcGIS, a direct image-to-map image processing application
  • Stereo Analyst® for ArcGIS, a stereo feature data collection application

– ER Mapper Professional is a powerful, yet simple to use, geospatial imagery processing application. ER Mapper Professional enhances your geographic data to make it more meaningful. It allows you to extract quantitative information and solve problems

– ERM Compressor: Compressing, mosaicking and color balancing aerial and satellite images to JPEG 2000 and ECW formats makes them manage, share and use in your business activities. ER Mapper Image Compressor is a flexible, high-speed geospatial image data compression application

– ER Mapper EnterpriseFrom desktop to enterprise wide applications, we use our unmatched expertise to build software and solutions for organizations needing to incorporate the analysis, management, distribution and integration of geospatial images into their business sytems. The key design criteria for all our applications are: – Fast image processing & delivery, Simple-to-use, Accessible (by other applications and by users).

– The Leica ADE Suite enables real-time interactive updates and reporting of location information for online services. Leica ADE Suite includes:

+ Leica ADE Enterprise is the first web-based data editor available in the global marketplace for Oracle 10g Spatial data. Leica ADE Enterprise enhances any application or service with real-time interactive location information that is accessible from any web or mobile device. Leica ADE Enterprise supports editing of all Oracle 10g data types including spatial, topology features, topology primitives, and attribute data.

+ Leica ADE Remote provides all the capability of Leica ADE Enterprise to remote intermittent field operations users who are either disconnected and occasionally connected to the enterprise database.

+ Leica ADE Mobile provided this same capability on mobile hand held devices like Palm pilots, mobile phones and hand held GPS devices)

– The RedSpider Suite is a series of OGC/ISO-compliant software components that enable enterprises to manage, visualize, catalog and share the vector and imagery data that are used and/or updated through their specific business processes. Based on a fully Service-Oriented Architecture, the RedSpider Suite is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the business systems of the most demanding enterprises. IONIC RedSpider include:

+ RedSpider Image Archive

         + RedSpider Enterprise

         + RedSpider Web

         + RedSpider Catalog

         + RedSpider Lobos

– The Leica TITAN Network is a dynamic online solution for sharing geospatial data, web services and location-based content in a single, secure environment. Empowered by a 3D virtual globe, the Leica TITAN Network allows users to discover, visualize, access and retrieve geospatial data into a variety of desktop, Internet and 3D virtual globe applications. This 3D environment supports users and organizations that want to make their geospatial data available while retaining digital ownership rights.

– Leica Image Manager is a new solution for efficiently storing and quickly sharing imagery throughout the enterprise. Leica Image Manager seamlessly connects to numerous geoweb applications and geospatial solutions, including ERDAS IMAGINE, Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS), Leica TITAN and ArcGIS desktop products.


The service provided by the GeoInfo includes supplement of all products, technical support, maintenance and consultancy.

For more detail information, please contact to us.