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Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging Releases Image Web Server 8.5

Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging announces the release of Image Web Server (IWS) 8.5. Previously an ER Mapper product, IWS is a high-speed, specialized server application that efficiently distributes large volumes of geospatial image data. IWS solves the infrastructure congestion problems associated with deploying large amounts of image data, empowering users to quickly access the information they need.

IWS 8.5 provides online image processing of images, transforms and mosaics. This new technology allows the serving of different versions of the same image to desktop, web or server applications. These “virtual images” minimize the duplication of data across the enterprise, ensuring faster deployment of processed images.

Additional new features include:

• Projection library based on the Blue Marble Toolkit — Provides greater compatibility and flexibility by including over 3200 predefined coordinate systems, 1100 datum shifts and 50+ mathematical projections, local and global vertical datums.

• Support for Windows Server 2003 — Increases performance for 64 bit platforms. There will be a separate install executable for Windows 64bit server.

• Management Console (GUI) changes for algorithm support—Provides easy and flexible administration via the new algorithm preview window.

 Scale dependent images from OGC WMS services—A single Web Mapping Service (WMS) layer may contain multiple images of differing resolutions. With this feature, the client application delivers the image for the scale needed, optimizing viewing performance for clients using the WMS protocol.

“IWS is a versatile solution, allowing massive amounts of imagery to be delivered over the Internet or intranet, and consumed in desktop, mobile, server or web applications,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging. “With enhanced performance and added functionality, IWS 8.5 seamlessly integrates into an organization’s existing system, providing geospatial and web technology that meet a wide range of business needs.”

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