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GeoInfo become distributor of SkyWave in Vietnam

From 1 April 2010, GeoInfo has become Distributor of SkyWave products in Vietnam. GeoInfo’s products are IsatM2M Products and Network Services. 


  • DMR-800D: The DMR-800D is the ideal solution for customers looking to track, monitor and control remote fixed and mobile assets at a low cost. This reliable terminal and network solution for two-way communication is easy to use, install and maintain. Additionally, DMR-800D offers low power modes of operation which are specifically designed to allow customers to deploy the terminal in remote unmanned locations where long battery life is critical.
  • DMR-800L: The ruggedized DMR-800L is a specifically designed for maritime and low elevation-angle applications. Using an antenna optimized for low elevation-angle communications, the DMR-800L is Inmarsat Type Approved for -20 degrees.
  • DMR-800D C1D2: The compact DMR-800D C1D2 terminal is a fully certified Class 1, Division 2: Hazardous Environment (C1D2) Groups A, B, C & D, built with a durable rugged casing and native Modbus support. The terminal is ideal for use with storage and transport tanks for oil and gas, chemical or agricultural industries and for integration with new or existing SCADA systems.
  • SureLinx 8100: The SureLinx 8100 adds quad-band GPRS capabilities to its satellite transceiver to create an integrated dual-mode satellite/cellular terminal that is ideal for tracking and monitoring assets traveling between remote and urban regions. This terminal uses cellular frequencies when in range of terrestrial networks and seamlessly switches to satellite service when cellular service is not available, thus providing cost savings without sacrificing global coverage.
  • SureLinx 8100c: SureLinx 8100c, like the SureLinx 8100, is a dual-mode satellite/cellular terminal that combines cost savings with complete global coverage. In addition to all SureLinx 8100 functionality, this terminal features programming capabilities and industry-standard interfaces, which include C-programming capability and CANbus integration among others. An on-board computer (OBC) with a C-programming environment, RTOS and API library enables rapid development of sophisticated applications. This product also includes an industry-standard RS232 interface for text-messaging applications, an RS485 interface for connecting to sensor networks that use protocols like Modbus, and CANbus interfaces for monitoring on-board messages from CAN, J1939, and other vehicle communication buses.


The IsatM2M Network Service is a short data messaging service that uses the Inmarsat network of geostationary communication satellites. The service coverage areas include the Atlantic Ocean Region East (AOR-E), Atlantic Ocean Region West (AOR-W), the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), the Pacific Ocean Region (POR) and Pacific Central (PACC). The SkyWave DMR-800 and SureLinx family of products operate on the IsatM2M network operating on Inmarsat satellites. IsatM2M is a two-way burst messaging service that enables a wide range of M2M communication for tracking and monitoring remote fixed or mobile assets on a global basis. It is based on the Inmarsat D+ service, but offers faster data forwarding rates, quicker responses to polling requests and shorter time to first transmission.

The service provided by the GeoInfo includes supplement of all products, technical support, maintenance and consultancy.

For more detail information, please contact to us.

Visit website of SkyWave for more detail information: http://www.skywave.com/en/