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Testing StarG3 in application of taxi management

Nowadays, using of walkie – talkie has not much efficiency in taxi monitoring. In that situation, GeoInfo Co.,Ltd cooperated with GAPIT Communications Company in testing StarG3 in application of taxi management with more effective.

Thanks to many existing advantages, StarG3 meets most of requirement of taxi management. It provides real-time information such as location, speed and expected time of taxi in a concise and easy-to-read format. Using StarG3, the nearest taxi can be dispatched for any customer call in. The system also allows for communication between a central command station and its vehicles in relaying information on traffic conditions and vehicle breakdowns. Devices used in StarG3 are portable and can be easily installed in any kinds of taxi.

Beside application of taxi management, StarG3 has much potential in many application of other vehicles management such as bus, VIP, container, Ambulance and fire engine, Cash carrier, Police vehicles, etc,.