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Ricoh camera with GPS and GPS-Photo Link software



Use the Ricoh Pro G3 digital camera with a CompactFlash WAAS GPS card to capture your location as you take pictures.

                                      Ricoh Caplio 500SE and Bluetooth AD-850


Ricoh Camera Features:

–         8.31 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom

–         Compact Flash slot accommodates WAAS GPS, Bluetooth Card, WiFi, Ethernet and more.

–         The Ricoh camera can store 5 different memos or field notes for each picture taken. These memos can be used to name the photos so they are easy to find later.

–         Connect the camera to a Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder, and the distance to the object can be recorded.

–         Link AVI movies taken with the Ricoh camera.

–         GPS Lock feature allows you to store the location of an object then walk back and take the picture.


                              (Copyright from alta4 Geoinformatik AG)


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GeoSpatial Experts developed a customized version of GPS-Photo Link software to capitalize on the Ricoh Camera-GPS combination. With the GPS data and the images stored in the camera, all you have to do is download your photos and let GPS-Photo Link do the rest.


Use GPS-Photo Link: Ricoh Edition software to create:


–         ArcGIS shape files

–         Google Earth views

–         Photos marked with GPS position

–         Web pages with maps


–         Output Personal GeoDatabase or Shape Files.

–         Use arrow symbol rotated to direction.

–         2D and 3D perspectives available in Google Earth & ArcGIS.

–         Play recorded audio in extra data screen.

–         Click on a point, and the photo will be displayed.

–         Supports GPX files to use in Garmin’s MapSource.


ESRI ArcView 8. x & 9.x Features:

–         GPS-Photo Link: Ricoh Edition allows you to process your photos with one click using our ArcGIS Plug-in.

–         Output Personal GeoDatabase or Shapefiles.

–         Output field of view layer based on field of view of camera, distance, and heading. Utilize a Wedge or Arrow symbol rotated to direction photo was taken.

–         ESRI ArcView extension for hot linking images to shapefiles. Just click on the feature point, and the georeferenced photo will be displayed! Hover over a point, and a thumbnail of the photo pops up!

–         Display watermarked or original photo.


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