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ASTER satellite image data

ASTER satellite data of Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (ERSDAC) is researched in wide spectrum of fields, including geology, geological resources, meteorology, agriculture, forestry and environmental science.

Large numbers of spectral bands: 14 bands in total, three VNIR bands with 15m resolution, six SWIR bands with 30m resolution and five TIR bands with 90m resolution. Thanks to large number of spectral bands, ASTER image data provides better feature extraction than other satellite image data.

The along track stereo pair provides the best image data for DEM development.

The ASTER scene has the same 60 x 60 km coverage as the SPOT but the cost is much more less than SPOT.

Image archive of ASTER satellite is continuously updated. The latest observation is of years 2005 and 2006… Especially, the function of ASTER sensor enables to observe the same area in every 3-5 days.

The ASTER image data can be used for many applications such as environment and natural resource management, land use planning, land cover and land use mapping, geology and mineral exploration etc.

ASTER image data is available in two forms: archived in database and ordered according to customer’s request. The General Public Request service allows user to specify preferable time of observation, area and processing level. The cost of ASTER data is marginal.

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