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IMAGINE Objective 9.2 Beta will be released as an add-on module to ERDAS IMAGINE

Beta release of a significant new capability that will be released as an add-on module to ERDAS IMAGINE. IMAGINE Objective combines inferential learning with expert knowledge in a true object-oriented feature extraction environment. The object-orientation enables the software to emulate human visual processing by analyzing the data not just on a pixel by pixel basis but also by looking at object-based measures such as shape, size, shadow, association, etc. The software also encapsulates vector processing operators to produce data which can be used in a GIS with minimal post processing.


The Beta release will be by early May, 2008 and will be made available solely via a dedicated web forum site. Customers wishing to Beta test will require an existing licensed installation of ERDAS IMAGINE 9.2 and will need to apply to join the Beta program via the web forum.

As part of the promotion efforts for the IMAGINE Objective 9.2 Beta three videos introducing the feature extraction and classification capabilities of IMAGINE Objective have been posted to YouTube 



The link to the IMAGINE Objective 9.2 Beta forum is: http://objective.erdas.com