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    GeoInfo Co. Ltd is one of the first private companies operating in the field of Geoinformatics

    The company concentrates many young scientists working under the guidance of leading experts at home and abroad.

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ERDAS Webinars

Each month, ERDAS will offer two different webinar topics. Each webinar will be hosted at 11AM and 8PM (EDT) on the scheduled day and will feature an ERDAS solution, addressing user needs while also showcasing key features. In addition to a live presentation and demonstration, customers can interact directly with the presenter. Webinars will be scheduled for 45 minutes, approximately 30 minutes of presented material and 15 minutes for Q&A. See below for our upcoming webinars.


7 May 2008

Huge images? Too many users? No problem! 
Image Web Server 
Register Here 11AM (EDT)
Register Here 8PM (EDT)


8 May 2008

Rapidly Connect and Share Your World 
ERDAS Titan 
Register Here 11AM (EDT)
Register Here 8PM (EDT)


22 May 2008

Fast! Catalog and Deliver Terabytes of Imagery 
ERDAS Image Manager 
Register Here 11AM (EDT)
Register Here 8PM (EDT)