Question: Where should I contact to obtain WinASEAN Edu with Vietnamese help?

Answer: Please contact us by email geoinfo@fpt.vn


Question: I know that there is a function Modeller in WinASEAN by that user can develop new analysis function using his/her algorithm or formula in FORTRAN programming language. I would like to know some examples of  application of this function? 

Answer: Modeller  is a function allowing the user to develop analysis model by integration of spectral channels of one image or among more different images to enhance information and feature extraction from remote sensing image data. There are many application which can be solved by this function, for example: 

- Cloud removal
- Ground object extraction based on spectral reflectance curve
- Image area of interest extraction in arbitrary polygon or shape
- Integration of remote sensing and GIS data for land use mapping, reclassification using ecological model or landscape conditions.

Question : In image Filter function of WinASEAN, besides pre-designed typical filters, can user build new filters?

Answer : Pre-designed Image filters in WinASEAN are specially constructed to create some effects such as edge enhancement, finite difference enhancement, sharpening, smoothing ... WinASEAN divides filters into two groups. The first one contains general filters: median or moving average with low pass or high pass option. The second one is for working with specially constructed filters as Sobel, Laplacian, smoothing ... Besides, user can construct and test a new filter using given template for research purpose.



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