- ASTER satellite data distribution

Playing a important role as the Official Agent of ASTER data distribution in Vietnam, we make sure to support customers up-to-date information with high accuracy. Especially, we would support customers in data searching, data using instruction and deliver relevant documents free of charge...


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ASTER Satellite data distribution

ASTER Satellite data distribution

- Other satellite data distribution

GeoInfo Co., Ltd have distributed some other satellite data such as  SPOT, AVNIR, LANDSAT TM, LANDSAT ETM, MOSS-1, MODIS, GLI, QuickBird, ALOS,... These satellite data cover whole Vietnam and It would find out very good quality for case studies or thematic studies such as environment, regional planning, land cover, land use etc...

Other Satellite data distribution
Other Satellite data distribution

- Field GPS Photos Distribution

Geoinfo Co,. Ltd owns a large set of field GPS photos in various geographical areas covering whole land territory of Vietnam. Each photos is accompanied with detail information about time of  acquisition, bearing angle and geographical  coordinates. These photos can be overlaid on georeferenced satellite image to assist training sample as well as validation of classification result.

Field Image data distribution
Field Image data distribution

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