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Do you need to capture and visualize urban areas, and quickly and securely share this geospatial information? This informative webinar illustrates an entire workflow from feature collection to presentation.
Do you need to securely serve seamless color balanced orthorectified image mosaics and GIS ready image products to desktop and web client applications? ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager includes a  Clip, Zip and Ship workflow, enabling users to discover and download any cataloged gridded data of a defined area for desktop exploitation. ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager efficiently stores and quickly shares gridded data throughout the enterprise, comprehensively addressing problems universal to governments, businesses and other organizations that often work with large amounts of geospatial data.
Allows Users to Employ the Most Accurate Satellite Stereo Imagery for Detailed Terrain, Feature, & Intelligence Production
ERDAS Inc. has announced support for WorldView-1 satellite products in ERDAS IMAGINEÒ and LPS. By supporting WorldView-1 imagery, ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS will empower ERDAS users such as GEOINT and military analysts, state and local governments, civil organizations, first responders and non-governmental organizations to transform the satellite information into timely, relevant and accurate geospatial intelligence.
Successful photogrammetric projects are highly dependent upon an organization’s efficiency in creating and editing seamlines, photogrammetric dodging, tonal balancing and mosaicking.  Traditional photogrammetric methodologies typically compartmentalize the process, often leading to problems related to data transfer/storage, project management/status updates and cumbersome use of numerous software packages. The ERDAS workflow integrates the editing/balancing/mosaicking process, reducing the time and effort required to create high quality orthomosaics
Do you work with both vector and raster information regularly? Rather than changing between software applications, you can more efficiently display, pan, zoom and edit vectors in the next release of the world’s most advanced remote sensing solution. ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 will be released in the third quarter of 2008.
Quickly collect features from your stereo images, creating the maps you need. This webinar includes interactive demos, highlighting Stereo Analyst® for ArcGIS®, an affordable stereo feature collection tool for ArcMap™ platform users.

ERDAS TITAN is a geospatial data bridge providing access to multiple public and private data resources, and enabling that data to be accessed in a variety of desktop applications. 

This webinar will address several business problems, illustrating the most efficient means for running change detection, synchronizing and mosaicking imagery, connecting to Oracle databases and more. ERDAS’ interoperable geospatial solutions are for desktop and enterprise use, extending information to and from the field, to business partners and across the Web.
We have several additional videos that tell the ERDAS story and provide demo movies showcasing our overall offering
This webinar will highlight the Beta release of IMAGINE Objective a solution for building and maintaining accurate geospatial content, with object based multi-scale image classification and feature extraction technology. 

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