SpacEyes3D SDK (SpacEyes3D Software Development Kit) allows to develop a third party application based on the component SpacEyes3D Viewer Plugin.

The SDK includes the SDK license, the SpacEyes3D Viewer Plugin component, the documentation that allows to use it and to deploy it, and the technical assistance. The SpacEyes3D SDK needs SpacEyes3D Builder.


SpacEyes3D SDK is proposed in two versions:

SpacEyes3D SDK Basic: to build 3D visualization applications

SpacEyes3D SDK Pro: to build advanced 3D applications

SpacEyes3D SDK Pro includes all features of SpacEyes3D SDK Basic.


SpacEyes3D SDK Basic

SpacEyes3D SDK Basic allows to make 3D visualization projects embedded in SpacEyes3D Viewer Plugin with the Basic API. The application can use any kind of database. The SDK basic is suited to develop simple web 3D applications including geo-localisation, to simply customize the viewer interface on a desktop application, or to make applications that need to control the camera.

SpacEyes3D SDK Pro

SpacEyes3D SDK Pro allows to make advanced 3D projects embedded in SpacEyes3D Viewer Plugin with the Pro API. Applications based on SpacEyes3D Server databases using the Pro API are available without any license.

Applications based on other kind of database (local data, GIS data), API capabilities depend on the license installed on the system:

- Without license, the component API is limited to the functions of the Basic API corresponding to visualization features.

- With the license ‘SpacEyes3D Viewer Pro’ or ‘SpacEyes3D Builder’, the Pro API is fully available.

SpacEyes3D SDK Pro is needed to perform applications that need real-time database synchronisation, integration with a GIS, or advanced GIS features.

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