:: Introduction 

GeoInfo Co. Ltd is one of the first private companies that specialize in GeoInformatics. Many GeoInfo's young scientists have been working together under top experts' orientation and guidance. Main activities of GeoInfo Co., Ltd focus on the followings: (1) GeoInformatics technology consulting, supporting, conducting and carrying out the projects for decision makers on environmental and natural resources management; (2) call for both oversea and domestic investments on GeoInformatics applications; (3) Technology developing and transferring;(4) Training and strengthening men-power resources for organizations in agriculture, forestry, environmental protection etc; (5) GeoInformatics data provision for researches and produces. GeoInfo Co., Ltd is proud of receiving many supports of not only the domestic but also oversea specialists.


:: GeoInfo Co., Ltd – The Official and Unique Agent for ASTER data distribution in Vietnam

With the willing support of specialists in the Advisory Committee, GeoInfo Co., Ltd and Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center have agreed to sign the memorandum on December 26, 2004. According to this memmorandum, GeoInfo Co., Ltd is the Official Agent for ASTER data distribution in Vietnam. Nowadays, there are more and more popular usages of ASTER satellite data in environmental study and natural resources sustainable management. GeoInfo Co., Ltd will deliver a lot information of ASTER including ASTER products, instruction for usage, how to order etc. to all potential customers in Vietnam. Besides, GeoInfo Co., Ltd has been planning for expand market toward Laos and Cambodia which will be potential customers in future with high needs.


:: GeoInfo Co., Ltd – High Quality and Reliable in GeoInformatics Training and Teaching

Besides on GeoInformatics Technology and Transfer, one of the most important objectives is to teach, train and strengthen human resources. The courses will be managed by Professors, Doctors who gained a lot of experiences on GeoInformatics, they are the authors of well-known softwares and researches that have approved by experts in the world. With flexible courses including: basic short sources, advanced courses and course for demands, the learners will obtain hand-on skill and they can manage themselves to for their job after graduation.



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